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If I do not have screen, can I use Likindoy also?

Yes, the module for registering it has a system that allows you to use the speakers to let you known when it happened an event. Right now the library it is not very fast because it is enqueueing all messages and until did not finish one, will not say another, but in the same way you could use short sounds.

If I am at home, how can I know about events?

It is possible to know about events by email or throught jabber account

How can I show on realtime the state of a factory?

For that purpose, the best is to decide where you are going to show it and then you send UDP packages that the system is registering, after it process this data into a SQLite upgrading each value gotteing by UDP and finally using PHP/AJAX query to the SQLite database, then you will have a system in "almost realtime". Likindoy also has a small module named "" that will do most of the work of this process.

I am using BulletProof FTP to access data using FTP and the program shows me the next error when it starts: "Unable to start server, port 21 may already in use", what can I do?

Solution 1:

In the case you are using a tunnel, most of the problems will be apearing in two wasi: if you do not write any ip in the configuration of BulletProof then it will look for available IPs and it will use it (if the tunnel did not start up, it will not work for the IP of the tunnel), if you write all ips in "server option/multi ip settings" then the program will not startup if some of the IPs of the list is not working (this is very probably when you startup the computer, because the tunnel did not have time enought to startup). In this case you can activate in "server option/Dynamic IP" the "Enable IP changes monitor" and will push it to check IPs every minute.

Solution 2:

Go to add/remove, inside add/remove components from Windows and uninstall the FTP software included with IIS of Windows.

Solution 3:

Delte any IP added in the list of "server option/multi ip settings" (leave it empty), writting some not accesible IP (usually tunnels), can produce problems in the server to make it to not listen any IP.

When in Linux I use VNC like graphic engine for R to plot graphs, I get an error about "fixed fonts", how to repair it?

Edit the file /etc/vnc.conf and add the path to fonts. In Ubuntu the path it would be "/usr/share/fonts/X11/misc".